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For Convenience, Safety, Durability and Affordability, KISS Barriers offer the ultimate track protection.

Upon impact, traditional tire barrier walls can crate havoc resulitng in the loss of valuable track time for competitors and crew.

It's time to bring race track barrier protection into the 21st century. The traditional tire wall is effective, but major impact can disrupt an event — and cause extensive injury — if the impact sends the tires flying.

Consider a new, innovative alternative: a barrier that takes the impact head-on with just a KISS — the Kart Impact Safety System*.

The KISS barrier eliminates many of the disadvantages of previous Kart impact systems, such as:

  • Cumbersome tire walls, hay bales, and other barriers that take many man hours to assemble, transport or repair
  • Vehicle and personal injury caused by walls that do not
    absorb impact
  • Ricocheting vehicles into harm's way on the track
  • High cost of maintenance
  • Unsightly and prone to showing wear and tear

The KISS portable barrier was designed by road racing professional, R. J. Valentine. With over 25 years of racing experience, R.J. wanted more than tire walls protecting the tracks at his new karting complex, F1 Boston. He envisioned a state-of-the-art facility that would set new standards and break new barriers, so to speak. The KISS barrier was engineered for ultimate low-wall protection specifically used in kart racing.

* Patent-pending

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