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KISS Barriers Buffers Surpass FEA Standards and Facility Expectations

The effect of impact is absorbed by the length of the barrier and is dissipated throughout, ensuring safety of the driver and kart with very little distortion to the wall.

KISS Barrier R&D

In developing the KISS Barriers, we conducted in-depth safety testing. This collision-impact research and analysis established the best barrier design dynamics. Testing at speeds ranging from 40 mph - 80 mph, these track safety studies helped determine the thickness of the barriers' polyethylene construction material.

We also experimented with different designs to find the strongest, toughest barrier. Instead of a traditional flat surface, KISS Barriers have "Impact Ridges" on each side, making the barrier less vulnerable to damage. The Impact Ridges do a much better job dispersing energy — significantly reducing the amount of damage caused at impact.

The goal of this construction and design process was to provide the best balance of durability and elasticity so the barriers absorb the impact energy, but don't become deformed from most collisions — minimizing amount of times barriers need to be replaced. The design and construction, coupled with the pin-anchoring system also helps the linked blocks to easily and quickly reeestablish the original shape of the barrier string, so the track is back to "race ready" as quickly as possible.

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) test has verified that a hollow barrier with two buffers will handle a direct hit by a kart going 40 MPH. The KISS barrier exceeds those specifications and sets a new standard with a three-buffered zone. The buffers absorb the majority of the impact and keep the speeding karts from ricocheting into traffic.* Because the scuffing from impact wears mainly on the buffers, your KISS barrier looks newer longer than contemporary systems, providing years of durability, safety and style.

For flexibility, convenience and superior reliability, there is no other standalone source of protection on the kart racing circuit today like the KISS barrier.

*We recommend "crash-testing" your KISS barrier to determine the appropriate strength for your particular track configuration.


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