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The effect of impact is absorbed by the length of the barrier and is dissipated throughout, ensuring safety of the driver and kart with very little distortion to the wall.

"KISS Barriers have been a great solution for us because we can set up and tear down quickly and without a great deal of manpower. The ballast system — which uses water or sand to stabilize the barriers — helps keep them in place when storms roll in. We have a high speed track, and the barriers have been very effective at minimizing the risk of injury."

Tony Schroeder, General Manager, Homestead Karting


"Our kart facility features dual tracks that can be configured many different ways — sometime connected together for a longer course, but mostly as two layouts that are used simultaneously. Because KISS Barriers are modular in design, it's fast and easy to assemble, break down and re-assemble them. That's important when we're setting up the tracks for multiple events."

Scott Paape, General Manager, F1 New Jersey, New Jersey Motorsports Park


"The KISS Barrier variable tension system allows us to easily customize the safety barriers for different segments of the track. It's easy to add more resistance for the slower stretches and adjust others for more forgiveness in the faster areas of the track. Also, KISS Barriers use a locking pin system to connect them and build the barrier string. It's quick to replace and reposition the barriers after an incident. This not only makes competitors happy, it's important for our bottom line."

Greg Slaton, General Manager, Pole Position Raceway


National Kart News
October, 2009

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