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KISS Barriers: Benefits and Advantages

The Problem with Traditional Barriers

Historically, less sophisticated race track safety solutions have been used to protect drivers and karts, such as tire walls and hay bales. But neither has much 'give' - they can't absorb a lot of energy. So the karts take more damage and the risk of injury increases.

In addition the performance problem, tire walls are bulky and heavy. From a time and labor perspective, they are expensive to assemble and repair. Plus, clearing the track, replacing and re-assembling tire walls takes a lot of time — these delays bog down the racing and reduce track revenue. They also collect rain water, attracting bugs, bees and other pests.

Hay bales have similar issues. Like tire walls, they attract bugs and absorb rain water. From the manpower and time perspective they also require multiple staffers to transport replacements, assemble and repair, not mention the mess left on the track that needs to be cleaned-up before racing can be resumed.

The KISS Advantage

KISS Barriers give track operators a safe, low maintenance track barrier safety solution. Constructed from lightweight, tough, weather-resistant material, KISS Barriers are linked together with short locking pins made of inexpensive PVC tubing.

Each block is 39" in length, pin-to-pin. Stability for KISS Barriers is provided by an anchoring system that secures the linking pins into the track surface. On severe impacts the anchor pins bend or break away, slowing the vehicle down to minimize damage and injury. Afterwards, damaged pins can be easily replaced by one track marshal.

How many anchoring pins you use in a string of barriers depends on the amount of stability needed to provide the proper resistance. On straight-aways where less stability where is needed, you might only anchor every fourth pin. Conversely in sharp corners, anchoring every other pin will double the stability and provide additional protection.

In addition to permanent indoor kart tracks and outdoor kart tracks, KISS Barriers are also ideal for temporary racing circuits, where anchoring the pins is not feasible. These adjustable, easily configurable barriers use water or sand as ballast to adjustment the amount of stability needed for the best kart and driver protection — the more stability that is needed, the more water or sand you add.

For walls or immovable fences the barriers create a buffer between karts and the obstructions, improving race track safety and helping racers avoid injury. It is not uncommon during a high speed impact for the barriers to envelope karts. This keeps the kart from being thrown back onto the racing surface and potentially causing other collisions.

Some distinct advantages to the KISS Safety Barrier Track System are:

  • Size, our barriers are 22 inches tall and from pin hole to pin hole 39 inches in length.
  • Our ribbed construction is stronger than non ribbed designs, with no detrimental effects to the karts.
  • Our hollow design allows the use of ballast to keep the string in place as well as provide the optimum amount of resistance for impact energy absorption and dispersion.
  • We use a PVC connecting pin, should that pin break you can replace it with supplies from your local hardware store
  • One of the unforeseen costs associated with barrier systems is downtime. With our system barrier replacement is just minutes, where as other systems can take much longer due to their complicated connection systems.
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